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Off the peg??? make it your own, dream up an individual you,

November 24, 2016



If you can't find what you are looking for.... make it yourself... especially if like me you are only 5ft and a bit, ( a very important bit!) and have a narrow back/ shoulders and a bit of a tum.... who hasn't, ? so buying clothes of the rail has always been a nightmare for me.
I have always enjoyed sewing in fact doing anything creative is when I'm at my best.
I like simple designs, in natural fabrics that flatter any shape and size. Romantic, flowing, Bohemian gypsy styles, Personality in clothing, something that says It's you.
I also love altering ready made clothing of the peg, into unique and individual pieces. Deconstructing and re fashioning clothing is fun and quirky and you can bet no one else has an item like it anywhere!  If you would like ideas on how to re-vamp your everyday wardrobe and create a new you???

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